The 5 Best Exercise Mats – Reviews 2020

One of the most accessories for any home fitness routine is a workout mat. You can use it for any type of home exercise. It provides cushioning and support, it can also reduce noise and protect your floors when you are using dumbbells. An exercise mat can be used for strength training, yoga, MMA and others.

How to Choose the Best Exercise Mat

You should know everything about every exercise mat to choose one best mat for yourself. Here we give you some information about the best exercise mat, so can easily choose one of them according to your need.

  • Type of use

Before buying exercise mat you should figure out which type of exercise you will do like yoga or stretching, high intensity or low-intensity exercise as every mat is made to facilitate different activities.

For low-intensity exercises such as yoga and stretching, the thinner and smaller mats are going to be designed. They are also lightweight with solid grip.

For high-intensity exercises such as martial arts, wrestling, and gymnastics, the most resilient mats are designed. They are thick to protect you during the exercise.

If you want to wear shoes on your mat, every product is not made to hold up against shoes. If they’re thinner yoga/stretching mats, you can be almost certain that they’re not made for this.

  • Equipment

Can you use the equipment on your mat? All mats are not made to be able to withstand the weight of bulky machines, such as benches or spinning bikes. In fact, they can even do more damage to your flooring if improperly used. The thickness of mat is a matter for exercise with types of equipment. If the mat is not thick enough it will be damaged during exercise.

  • Material

Some types of foam hold up better than others, most of the typical mats you see are going to tear somewhat easily. In contrast, if you need a sturdy product, you could have one made with foam. Just make sure that it has some type of covering, like vinyl.

Vinyl is often tear-resistant and stretch-resistant so it keeps its integrity well and can handle high-intensity activities. These are often used in schools and gym classes because it can handle various users per day without ever wearing down.

You should ideally go with a product that’s non-toxic. If you want to take that a step further, go with an eco-friendly product like the Yoga Design Lab mat. It’s made up of natural tree rubber and a microfiber made with recycled plastic bottles.

  • Portability

If you will be using your mat at home, it will be not important about the portability of mat. Mat will be easily folded ups and light-weighted.

Also, the size of the mat is important. If a mat is heavy and bulky you have a problem with the portability of mat. So you should choose lightweight mat. 

  • Safety

When you are doing exercise safety is important during heavy exercise. When you are doing jumping and running over mat, you should have absolute confidence that it’s not going to move on you.

If you’re just doing low-intensity exercise, this won’t be quite as crucial for you. If you can, select a mat that features both sides with a grip.

  • Ease of Cleaning

You will not clean your mat after every use. But in some cases, you have to clean your mat with particular substances.

  • Price

Before buying your mat you should know the price of every mat and buy it according to your needs.


1.    ProSource Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

The ProSource Tri-Fold is the best exercise mat and is perfect for any type of exercise where you may require extra cushioning. The thick cushion gives a supremely supportive surface for stretching, martial arts, or general workouts on hard surfaces like concrete. For example, if you’re doing some bodyweight exercises like leg-lifts or push-ups, you’re probably not going to do on cement or hardwood floors.

The mat does fold up and includes handles, but it is still quite bulky and a bit awkward to carry around.


Size: 72″ L x 24″ W

Thickness: 1 1/2″

Material: Vinyl

Color Options: Blue, Grey, or Black

Portability: 7/10

  1. Hemingweigh extra thick foam workout Mat

If you prefer a bit more padding when you do your exercises, consider this extra thick exercise mat. Aside from additional foam for more support, the mat provides a comfortable workout space that’s 23 inches wide and 73 inches long. A non-slip surface keeps you from sliding around. This mat is also double-sided for added convenience.

It also comes with a moisture-resistant surface that cleans up easily. Simply use the integrated carrying straps when it’s time to move the mat. The mat is ideal for yoga, stretching, Pilates, and various exercises.

The moisture-resistant skin doesn’t pull at bare skin, and is also quite easy to clean once you’re finished.


Size: 70″ L x 23″ W

Thickness: 5/8″

Material: Foam

Color Options: Black

Portability: 9/10

  1. Square36 Large Exercise Mat

This large exercise mat spans several feet in both directions, allowing you to use it for more than just basic exercises. It’s thick enough to be used without shoes. Its broader size provides ample room for cardio-based workouts such as Zumba and jumps rope. You can use the mat by itself or with another mat for further noise reduction.

If you need an all-encompassing cardio mat, check out the Square 36. It one of the best mats for a home gym where your workouts involve cardio and you require more space.


Size: 72″ L x 72″ W

Thickness: 1/4″

Material: Foam

Color Options: Black

Portability: 9/10

4.    SPRI Exercise Mat for Fitness, Yoga & Floor Exercises

A 1/2-inch cushion provides plenty of support and protection for most floor exercise programs. Its poly-foam construction makes this mat durable enough to properly support the body during floor exercises.

The price is pretty affordable, all things considered. We wouldn’t necessarily call it a “budget product”, though. As far as transportation goes, it’s nice and lightweight, easy to roll up, and has a built-in handle.


Size: 48″ L x 20″ W

Thickness: 1/2″

Material: Poly-Foam

Color Options: Black, Blue, Red

Portability: 8/10

5.    BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Exercise Yoga Mat

The all-purpose workout mat is half-an-inch thick to adequately cushion your spine, hips, and joints from hard flooring. The double-sided non-slip surfaces are nice because you don’t have to worry about accidentally putting it down on the wrong side and slipping. The moisture-resistant mat washes easily with soap and water but doesn’t get all grimy or absorb foul odors as some others do.


Size: 71″ L x 24″ W

Thickness: 1/2″

Material: High-Density Foam

Color Options: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, Red

Portability: 10/10