Basic Principles Of Strength Training And Conditioning

Whether you are a weight trainer, a weekend athlete or a strength coach working with athletes, it is important to know the basic principles to gain the desired goal.

The basic principles are mention below:

  1. Specificity
  2. Overload
  3. Progressive overload

The principle of specificity of training

This principle deals with designing a training program so you can get the gains you want. The principle of specificity is simple and it drives all the gain of the strength training program. This principle works according to how the body exercises.

When developing a conditioning program, you should consider the following:

  • The movements to be trained
  • The muscles and joints to be trained
  • The energy system to be trained
  • The speed of movement

The principle of specificity is important because it mentions what gains are made. The next principle is important because it ensures that you continue to make gains from your training. 

The principle of overload

The overload principle keeps making gains from an exercise program, you must find some way to make it difficult. Because your body get adopt after some time. The problem is that once your body gets to adapt to workload, it will necessary to increase the workload.

It is necessary to make conditioning programs more difficult, but one thing you should keep in your mind is you must observe specificity when applying the overload principle.

There is a number of ways to apply the overload principle:

  1. Increase the weight lifted
  2. Increase the volume of work
  3. Change the exercise employed
  4. Modify the order of exercise
  5. Alter the rest period

Overload is not something that only needs to be applied on a daily basis; it must be applied over a time of training. The final principle deals with the importance of applying overload logically over time.

The principle of progressive overload

It involves two areas:

  1. The exercise that is employed in a training program
  2. The total amount of work that is done in a training program

The exercise that is performed by an individual beginning his or her training program should less complicated than one who has been training for a longer period of time

In order to make gains from overtime, you must find a way to perform more work. This may be more weight lifted, more repetitions performed, more sets or some combination of the three.

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