7 best pillows for neck pain according to physicians and sleep expert-2020

It is the worst for you to start your morning with stiffness and pain in your neck. If you are suffering from chronic neck pain you should consult your physician as well as change your sleeping position.
In this article we review the best sleeping pillow for reducing neck pain according to physician.

How to choose best pillow according to sleeping position

Side sleeper: They need a thicker pillow to keep their ears in line with their shoulders to prevent their neck from extending in either direction when sleeping on their side.

Back sleeper: They should select the medium thick pillow that still provides support to keep their neck aligned and prevent the neck from arching forward.

Stomach sleeper: They need a thinner pillow to keep the neck in a neutral position. Placing a pillow under your shoulder can help keep your spine aligned too.

1.Coop home goods pillow

  • Adjustable Loft Pillow
  • Best overall pillow for neck pain
    Neck pain occurs due to bad spine alignment during sleeping. The Coop home goods pillow allows you to easily adjust the amount of fill, so can have perfect height to keep your neck aligned.
  • Boththe cover and fill is machine washable. It is best for all type of sleeper it comes in three different size standard, queen and king.


2.Home decorators down alternative pillow

  • Medium /Firm down alternative pillow


  • Best value pillow for neck pain


  • This type of pillow is the perfect down substitute for allergy suffers comes in affordable prize.


  • Its outer fabric is made up of cotton and it fill with polyester cluster mimics the feel of plush down.


  • It is machine washable.


  • It comes in jumbo and king size.



  • Breeze pro + advanced cooling pillow


  • Best pillow for side sleepers with neck pain


  • Its high height is perfect for side sleepers.


  • It has three levels: a machine washable cover, cooling gel and classic tempur memory foam fill.


  • It comes in standard and king size.


4.Purple pillow

  • Best pillow for back sleeper with neck pain.


  • It is made up of innovative polymer grid material.


  • The grid has open channel for increased airflow.


  • Only cover is machine washable.


  • It comes only standard size.


5.Layla kapok pillow

  • Best pillow for stomach sleepers with neck pain.


  • It keeps your neck in neutral position because it has adjustable fill.


  • Its fill is mix of kapok, a natural fiber with a fluffy feel and shredded memory foam.


  • This pillow is not washable.


  • It comes in queen and king size.


6.Tuft and Needle memory foam pillow

  • Best memory foam pillow for neck pain.


  • This pillow cradles your head and neck for support and pressure relief.


  • The cover is machine washable.


  • It comes in standard and king size.


7.Helix sleep

  • Best cooling pillow for neck pain


  • Ultra cool pillow.


  • If you tend to overheat at night, this pillow make you feel cool.


  • Its fill is polyster.


  • It is machine washable.


  • It comes in standard and king size.


we hope this article may helps you to choose best pillow for you.